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Encouragement. Everyone needs it at times. If that someone is you or perhaps someone you know, you have picked up the right book.

Nuggets from the Heart will fill any reader with stories of inspiration and encouragement. They are stories that were written on Rosie’s heart by the Father during various challenging seasons of her life. These are the “Nuggets” which have been collected by Rosie to share with others. Her personal experiences recorded in this book serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to bring anyone through the storms of life. Carefully nestled within these pages, the reader will find “God Stories” of hope, faith, love, grace, trust, healing, and joy. A prayer has sealed every chapter in this book, with the hope that God will use just the right story, to inspire just the right person, at just the right time.


The author, Rosie, and her husband, Greg, have been married 42 years and they currently live in Nashville, TN. They have a grown son and daughter and three young, energetic blessings, who are known as their grandsons. Rosie learned the meaning of being a “second mom” early in life as the oldest sister to six siblings, and she has carried this title throughout her life. Her heart to mentor others comes through in her relaxed and encouraging style of writing. A forever southern girl at heart, Rosie warmly invites you to visit with her awhile. You did not pick up this book by accident. There is a little “Nugget” waiting for you, so grab your coffee, pull up a chair and prepare to be blessed!

“What a joy to read through these very transparent moments in the remarkable life’s journey of such a tremendous lady! Rosie has compiled a tremendous resource and delivered it to us in such an entertaining and user-friendly way. Each chapter transports us past theory to provide us with practical applications of Scripture that pour like ointment into the raw moments of our lives. These are healing words when we are in pain, and a godly perspective to guide us when confusion or discouragement threatens to turn our world upside down. Rest assured that within these pages you will find answers that will open your eyes and fill your heart with hope!”

—Gary Hay, senior pastor
Hope Church, Springfield, MO

“Nuggets from the Heart is a must read for everyone out there. Need encouragement? It’s in there. Need wisdom? It’s in there. Need to feel the Father’s love? It’s in there! Rosie has poured her heart into this book and deposited powerful nuggets to encourage and uplift her readers. Each nugget is divinely written to bring hope to a hurting heart and a warm smile deep inside.”

—Rose Block, author, mentor, speaker
Calvary Church MOMS Ministry, Naperville, IL


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